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Whooping Crane
Sandhill Crane

Keynote: Longevity and Creation through Focus.

To the ancient Chinese, the crane is a powerful symbol of justice and longevity, and is one of many solar symbols. The crane is a bird of the waters and as such can often teach you how to express your own feminine energies. (Water symbolizes the Feminine.)

Most pictures of cranes are of the adult bird. Cranes are very secretive in rearing their vulnerable young. This can reflect a new sense of protectiveness, or even a need for secrecy in regard to something new you have given birth to or about to give birth to.

Although the crane lays two eggs but usually only raises one, it will also reflect the importance of not dividing your attention -- especially in rearing your children, be they actual children or symbolic children as in the case of special projects. Women that have crane as their totem do better to stay at home with the children rather than to divide their time between work and motherhood. If this is impossible, as is often the case in today's world, crane can teach you how best to accomplish both.

The crane can also provide possible past life experiences. In China it is "The patriarch of the Feathered Tribe" and in Japan it is "Honorable Lord Crane". It is usually depicted with the sun and pine trees in oriental art. In direct contrast, in Celtic mythology, it is sacred to the king of the underworld and heralds war and death.

The loud whooping sound that this bird makes is one of the most remarkable aspects of it. Its haunting tone is reminiscent of a primal celebration over birth. Crane can teach you how to celebrate your creative resources and keep them alive, regardless of the conditions in which they manifest, both by simply having the proper focus in your life.

Sandhill Crane

Not far from my house there is a marsh and in the spring, and early fall there is a cacophony of sound coming from the Sandhill Cranes that live in this protected marsh. For a time, the Sandhill Crane was on the protected species list. However, they are coming back strong. It is not unusual to see a flock of sandhills in the surrounding corn fields after harvest.

Sandhill cranes are water birds that often eat other water creatures - frogs and fish. All cranes have some common traits. These are the specific characteristics of the Sandhill Crane:

They are high flyers, always announcing their presence with loud calls. Because of this they are often considered noble guardians, calling out loudly to forewarn. When the Sandhill Crane appears there is usually something in our life we need to watch out for and pay attention.

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